Hidden Meadows v. Exclusive Landscapes
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In Hidden Meadows Townhomes Association v. Exclusive Landscapes, Inc. (Hennepin County District Court, 2012), the Association hired Exclusive Landscapes to provide landscaping and winter snow removal services. Exclusive Landscapes was asked to remove snow from the Association’s roofs on multiple occasions over the course of several years. The Association later sued Exclusive Landscapes claiming that significant property damage was caused by Exclusive Landscapes when it removed the snow from the roofs. Deborah Eckland and Michael Belaen defended Exclusive Landscapes against the Association’s claims.

The Association was unwilling to settle on reasonable terms, so Deborah and Michael tried the case to a jury. The trial lasted five days. At trial, the Association argued that Exclusive Landscapes caused more than $150,000 in property damage. In response, Deborah and Michael presented evidence showing that Exclusive Landscapes performed its snow removal services in a reasonable manner and that, if any damaged was caused, it was substantially less than the amount claimed by the Association. The jury agreed and awarded the Association $40,000.